March 7th General Meeting – Sun Yard Forum

Neighbors First for Bywater will be holding a forum to discuss the Sun Yard proposal for much of the 3000-block of St. Claude. This will take place on  our regular meeting evening, March 7 at 7pm at the Stallings Center (St. Claude on the river side just before Poland).

Although neighbors will have a chance to ask questions at the meeting, we would like to put together the most important questions ahead of time in order to avoid repetition and to make things run more smoothly.

The questions will be answered by one or both of the owners of Sun Yard and/or their architect or, as appropriate, by one of the near neighbors (there will be either 2 or 3 near neighbors sitting on the “panel”).

The NFB board feels a moderated forum may be the best way to understand all sides concerning this development since there have already been so many opportunities to attend presentations and NPPs. We want everyone to be heard.

If you have questions now, please send them to us at this address or at Please include the address of your home or business in Bywater.

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