NFB Board Meeting Feb 21 2018

Neighbors First for Bywater Board Meeting 2/21/18, at Julie’s house.

Present: Michael Owings, Mark Gonzalez, Julie Jones, Stephen Haedicke, Tyler Harwood, John Andrews, Anthony Eschmann, Brian Luckett, Nancy Thacker. Rhonda Findley

Guest: Jason Richards and Giuliano Pignataro

Meeting called to order at 7:04.

Mr. Richards and Mr. Pignataro presented and discussed plans for the Sun Yard development. In looking at the changes the CPC ask for, it was noted that things technically are more challenging than the staff report.

Parking on site hindered by insufficient space for a compliant driveway. There is no resolution presently – hopes for this to be resolved by the end of the week.

The lot across the street, for which there was/is and option agreement also seems problematic. There was an agreement for parking to be at the rear of that lot for the front portion to be reserved for a building, if needed. Crossing St. Claude also presents some obvious issues.

Plans are for there to be unmetered spots in front of the development for loading and unloading.

The issue of trash being collected and removed from Montegut St. (next to Steve Merlin’s home) has only conceptual approval at this point.

The pool is against the back wall of some neighbors, and the concern for noise not clearly addressed. There was a request to move the pool to the interior of the development. The sheds that are being renovated into a bar are considered to be open, and the CPC requested that the bar be moved into the building. The issue does not appear to have been clearly addressed yet.

Issues related to the new building(s) and the size and scope of same is also in process. It was noted that a second floor height had been reduced.

Presenters were unaware of what the maximum occupancy would be for an event – room occupancy was noted as 74. They believe that this will be a hotel first and foremost – and were unable to clearly address the concern that the restaurant on site might be part of an event such as a wedding which would encompass the entire facility. Concerns were raised that this could potentially expand on the 150 people they estimate capacity to be for a wedding.

Gentrification issues were also briefly noted.

Both Mr. Richards and Mr. Pignataro were thanked for their time and for making a special effort to inform the board.

Details for the March 7th Sun Yard Forum were then discussed. Printed cards for attendees to write their questions on were agreed upon, and Mark G took on this task. Who would be at the front table for representing the two sides, moderator, timer and amount of time for each questions was explored. Much of the format was adapted from the Council Forum held by NFB several months back. Communication will be ongoing via email to refine details.

Clear duties at close of meeting were: Tyler on audio, Rhonda on set up, Mark for cards and outreach for representation. Brian will draft questions from the board, Julie will send out an announcement including an invitation for written questions.

920 Frenchmen Street – follow up & noted that we have already voted on this and a letter has been sent.

For next meeting – clarify flow of communication between NFB and new council representative.

Meeting adjourned at 8:33.

Respectfully submitted: N Thacker, co-secretary

A PDF copy of these minutes can be downloaded here.

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