NFB Board Meeting March 21, 2018

Neighbors First for Bywater Board Meeting

3/21/18 – John Andrews house

Present: John Andrews, Tyler Harwood, Michael Owings, Anthony Eschmann, Steve Jacobs, Rhonda Findley, Brian Luckett, Nancy Thacker, Mark Gonzalez, Julie Jones

Called to order 7:07

Meeting began with a discussion on how to make the organization more open and welcoming to all neighbors. The importance of hearing differing points of view and opinions is a key component to an organization which puts Neighbors literally first in terms of consideration. It was noted that some members of the community had shared with a  board member their fear of speaking up, which puts the board member in a ‘secret holding’ position.

With the goal of listening to everyone, a motion was made and seconded, to include on the website a statement which outlines a safe and confidential way that people can share differences of opinions. Nancy will draft language for Tyler to then put out for approval prior to posting.

It was also noted that there is a seat open on the board and that elections will be next general meeting. This, too, will be announced on the next communication with NFB members. One potential candidate was discussed, and  it was agreed that she would be contacted.

Rules for representing the NFB in the community were reviewed, noting that a disclaimer needs to be made if sharing personal opinions and not those of the NFB. Steve J volunteered to draft a response to the BNA to acknowledge their decision to withdraw from a coordinated neighborhood celebration for New Orleans 300th Birthday. Mark will contact the appropriate person at the city to have the BNA name removed.

Next general meeting, which is on April 4th, will include elections, as well as an invitation to bring in issues that neighbors want to work with the new council person on. What kinds of business, development can we invite? How to grow the neighborhood with more focus on who actually lives and works here. How to avoid becoming the French Quarter or CBD. Nancy will bring food – Steve J water and Mark plates and napkins.

As the discussion continued on St. Claude development and the neighbors who were concerned for having differing opinions on what that can look like led to the development of a sub-committee. Motion made and seconded  – The St. Claude Committee will help to focus on developments such as Holy Angels. Rhonda, John, Nancy and Steve Jacob agreed to be on said committee.

Meeting was adjourned 8:23

Respectfully submitted: Nancy Thacker, co-secretary

A PDF file of this document can be downloaded here.

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