NFB monthly meeting at Stallings Center May 2nd, 7PM

Yes, it’s time, Neighbors First for Bywater is having our monthly meeting THIS Wednesday,  May 2, at 7pm, at the Stallings Center (St. Claude, river side, just before Poland).

Commander Young or a representative will attend to update us on what is happening in the 5th District.

Then we’ve got 2 developers speaking:

1) Sherman Strategies, which has bought the abandoned warehouse at 3060 Dauphine (same block as The Warehouse, same side). It’s an early twentieth-century building which photographs show was once very handsome… until all the windows were covered up with … plywood? Anyway, this group wants to take it back to its original look, put in commercial uses on the ground floor and devote the other floors to smallish apartments which they say will be reasonably priced. There is a big parking lot in the back (up against Clouet gardens) so no problems in that department. I forgot to ask, but I’d bet they’ll do a little landscaping around the parking lot. Anyway, it’s a question we can ask.

2) IRIS, a group that has spoken before about its projected residential development on the upriver side of Montegut (not to be confused with Sean Cummings’s projected development) is coming to update us on changes in that. There’s some good news there, but you’ll have to come to hear it.

We’ll be reminding everybody about the Sun Yard meeting at the City Council on the next day, i.e. Thursday, May 3, 11am. Email ALL the councilmembers (rumor has it they’ve apparently been swamped by invented emails from unreal–in every sense of the word–people who are dying to have a hotel in the neighborhood; in fact, they may already be dead–an old trick some of our finer politicians used in the past!), so let them hear from some living souls and, if you can make it, plan to attend.

As usual, there will be snacks, drinks, refreshments and, again as usual, we’ll be very happy to accept your $5 to renew your membership or become a new member.

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