NFB General Meeting Minutes 4/4/18

Meeting called to order by President of NFB, Julie Jones at 7:20.

Began with John Calhoun, the interim general manager from the New Orleans Food Co-op who shared some of the history as well as the recent improvements to the store. There has been a shift in patronage since the opening of Robert’s. This has prompted a growth in the Co-op to be more community oriented. While they are expanding their sourcing for local produce, as well as upgrading quality, there will be more of a farm market quality to the location. He went over how to become a member (one time fee of 100$). A recommendation for expansion of hours will be taken under consideration.

Next was the business of NFB Board elections. All current members were re-elected, and an additional member added: Susan Korec. Welcome Ms. K!

The floor was opened for general discussion and input at this point to develop a list of issues to be shared with the incoming City Council representative – Kristen Palmer.  The following items were noted.

-need for street signs, as they are missing on many streets.

-how tickets for street violations are random and inconsistent? clarity

-a need to paint the yellow triangles from the corners to mark where parking can and can’t happen.

-to review when flashing lights are used for schools and safety

-for signs where the schools haven’t returned to be taken down.

-limit STR’s.

-enforce the rules for STR’s that are already non-compliant.

-slowing down the process of review for developments.

-address the overlay question for St. Claude, include Bunny Friend.

-rethink the notice process for the land use change – certified mailed copies to near neighbors, with adequate time for neighbors to attend.

-change out the speed cam on Chartres for a speed bump.

-more representation on HDLC, CPC, NORD, French Market,

-make Piety Bridge ADA compliant, less dangerous.

-make Crescent Park more accessible.

-more police patrolling, car, bike, foot???

-address local parking permit options.

There was a quick update on the Sun Yard development by Megan from the neighborhood opposition. The 19th is set for hearing. They have been meeting individually with city council members, with the notable exception our current representative. There has been good feedback from this. Now, suddenly, there seems to be a mediation of some kind between the opposition and the developers scheduled for April 10th, arranged by CM Ramsey. The goal is to defer to get it in front of new council.

Mark Gonzalez went over the plans to record/document some of the long time residents and their stories for the Tricentennial. He asked for and got some volunteers to get the ball rolling with the $1000 grant from the city.

Meeting adjourned.

N. Thacker, co-secretary.

A PDF file of these minutes is available HERE

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