NFB Board Meeting 4/18/18

NFB Board Meeting 4/18/18

Attending: Julie Jones, Stephen Haedicke,  Michael Owings, Brian Luckett, Tyler Harwood, Rhonda Findley, Susan Korec, Steve Jacobs, Nancy Thacker.

Meeting called to order at 7:10PM

Welcome new Board Member Susan Korec!

Next general meeting: Mike Sherman, who is purchasing the building at 3060 Burgundy, and Avery from Sherman Strategies Group would like to share their plans. This is the former purse/baby items factory next to Clouet Gardens. Plans are currently identified as ‘affordable’ apartments with plans to keep the green space at the gardens.

Food for this meeting  will be provided by Steve J. Tyler will bring water and Mark will bring plates, cups etc.

There was then some discussion on extending an invitation to the people who are developing a rooftop bar and restaurant at the Warehouse (3014 Dauphine St). There are some concerns on how sound will travel from this venue identified by neighbors.

Website: Tyler gave an update on fixing the links on the website with a request for any additional links to be added.  Topics were discussed such as links for Addiction Help, Domestic Violence help or even a site such as inside airbnb ( which tracks the over 90 day rental rule as helpful information for the neighborhood.

A suggestion was made and agreed upon that all official letters sent under the NFB logo be accessible in a separate box/file for review.

Demo By Neglect: Patrick Finney has purchased the building at the corner of St. Claude and Clouet (3100 St Claude Ave). Previously it was a corner store, and he wanted to turn it into a bar. This required a conditional use which NFB supported. The store was evicted and the siding pulled off, and work stopped. It has been more than a year and a half since the conditional use.

It was discussed and agreed upon that the owner needs to now be contacted, as this is blight and hazardous for the neighborhood. What is the intention for development, and what timeline is being put forth? If not responsive, perhaps a follow up report and/or request to safety and permits? Rhonda to follow up.

Communication with Council Person Palmer:

How to get properties into commerce – incentives/consequences?

Expectation of property maintenance – again carrot/stick/both?

Michael O volunteered to send around a Google Doc to create the list of issues, as it does need to be a fluid process.

3013 Chartres St: A request for demolition of this property has been submitted – which is inappropriate as the property is in good condition. The plans are to replace this building with a two story flat roof second story balcony. Architectural elements are still intact, and agreement was reached that this demolition should not be supported. Brian will send this letter as well.

STR: Meeting on the 24th – CPC doing study. The next council will decide on the rules. Too late to survey members. Homestead exemptions and  the misuse of same, Whole Home Rentals and the destruction of blocks of neighborhoods remain active and destructive problems. Uptown currently limits STRs to two per block with additional license requiring conditional use approval  – can we at least get something like that?? This would be a nice protection with the Saxony looking like nothing more than a large unregulated hotel. These are things wanted in the study. Motion made and passed to send letter to CPC stating same.

State Side: Opposition meeting on Thursday, tomorrow, with the lawyer. This may be the end of the line as it seems that the Supreme Court is not going to hear it. Will get summary following meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45.

Respectfully submitted: N. Thacker, co-secretary.

A PDF of these minutes can be downloaded here.

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