NFB Board Meeting – July 7, 2018

NFB Board Meeting, 7/7/18

Attending: Stephen Haedicke, Brian Luckett, Rhonda Findley, Susan Korec, Steve Jacobs, Anthony Eschmann, Nancy Thacker.

Meeting called to order by Brian at 7:21.

First up was planning for the August 1st meeting. All agreed that it would be good to invite Entergy to discuss all of the potholes, as well as Cimarron who has the contract for the gas line work. The work on the gas lines seems to be widely varied in the manner in which the work is done.

The possibility of reaching out to Parkway Partners and/or LSU extension regarding the coming tree planting, pruning and growing season in the fall was also discussed.

Brian will be providing food for this meeting, with Steve on water, and Anthony volunteered to bring a bottle of wine.

Next a discussion on the dilapidated state of the NSA property and the general problem of maintenance of large scale developments in the ‘in between’ phases. St, Margaret’s and NSA may not be properly addressed by the current blight law and all believe that there needs to be a minimum standard of maintenance for large scale developments such as these. As there has already been a meeting with Councilwoman Palmer where this was mentioned, it was motioned and seconded that we would pen a letter addressing the large scale blight problem over all, with the focus on these two specific properties in Bywater. Issues such as fencing maintenance, security lighting, security guards and cameras are all possible improvements to these blighted properties. Brian agreed to take the lead on this, along with Rhonda.

Rhonda shared the growing vision for the Bywater Banana Fest, with an introduction to the concept as a part of the tricentennial celebration in Clouet Gardens. Also it was agreed that a daytime or late afternoon event would be best attended. Finding a good weekend in the fall will be challenging, so perhaps during the week? Ongoing.

A brief discussion on Stateside Hostel, the protocol for next steps and a need to wait for some feedback and direction from near neighbors followed.


Meeting adjourned 8:09

Respectfully submitted: N. Thacker, Co-Secretary.


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