Important meeting on HANO development, this Tuesday, Oct. 9, 6:30 at the Stallings Center

Please find below an invitation to attend the ITEX/HANO “Stakeholders Meeting” on October 9th to discuss HANO’s plan to redevelop multiple sites in our area.

This plan involves a number of scattered HANO-owned  sites, but — most importantly — involves 4100 Royal, the huge vacant lot that they want to upzone dramatically and fill, dramatically, with a very large development. Note: this is a “stakeholders meeting.” A week later, on Tuesday, October 16, same time and place, will be an NPP (Neighborhood Participation Program) meeting only on the zoning change for 4100 Royal. This development at 4100 Royal will have a huge effect on our neighborhood. Come see for yourselves! 

September 19, 2018

Dear Neighbors First for Bywater:

We cordially invite you and your members to attend a stakeholder meeting to review the future development of HANO’s vacant sites located in the Upper 9th Ward, Marigny, and Bywater neighborhoods on:

Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 Time: 6:30pm-7:30 pm Location: Stallings St. Claude Recreation Center at 4300 St. Claude Avenue (Signs will be posted.)

The following is a list of HANO’s vacant properties that are in or near your association’s boundaries. More plans for the sites and additional information will be provided at the meeting.


• a. 4100 Royal St—-Mazant Royal Site- Bywater. Mixed-Income Multi-family

• b. 4200 Royal- Bywater. Homeownership opportunity. 

• c. 710 Clouet St- Bywater Clouet Gardens. To remain Clouet Gardens.


• d. 2819 Dauphine St – Marigny. Homeownership opportunity. 

• e. 2818 Burgundy St – Marigny. Homeownership opportunity. 

• f. 2522 N Rampart St – Marigny. Homeownership opportunity.

Upper Ninth Ward: 

• g. 1830 Poland Ave- Upper 9th. Homeownership opportunity. 

• h. 1740 Poland Ave- Upper 9th. Homeownership opportunity.

The largest of the sites is 4100 Royal Street located in Bywater. The development plans are for mixed income multi-family. The other sites are smaller lots for single-family homeownership unless otherwise noted.

At the meeting you will be able to review plans for the HANO sites (listed above), give input and ask questions. Please contact our office if you would like printed copies of this letter to distribute to members who do not have email access.


J. Nicole Webre
Office: (504-605-3699)

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