December General Meeting will be… BANANAS!

In lieu of our December meeting we are excited to be hosting a Tricentennial Celebration we have dubbed “BYWATER GOES BANANAS”. The event will be Sunday, December 16, 11-5 in Clouet Gardens and the Tigermen’s Den. Yes, the wharves in Bywater used to be the point of entry for all those Chiquitas! The event is free and all are welcome! There will be a forum of people who have spent their entire lives in the neighborhood. Papa Mali will be playing us some music in the afternoon. Junction will be providing hamburgers, beer and BANANA DAIQUIRIS — how can you say no? There will also be a banana bake-off, prizes, stuff for kids, etc… The City of New Orleans awarded us a grant to fund a tricentennial event, as they have so generously done for many other neighborhoods all over the city, and we thought this would be a fun way to get our neighbors out to have some fun. If it’s a hit we’d like to make it an annual event.

More details will be coming down the pipeline soon, but put it in your calendar now!

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