NFB board meeting – August 15, 2018

8/15/18 – Neighbors First for Bywater Board Meeting

Held at Mark Gonzalez’s house.

Present: John Andrews, Michael Owings, Anthony Eschmann, Rhonda Findley, Brian Luckett, Nancy Thacker, Mark Gonzalez, Susan Korec.

Called to order 7:10 by Acting President Brian Luckett.

First up was a discussion of the next General Meeting which falls two days after Labor Day. In an effort to further involve the neighborhood in the Tricentennial Celebration for Bywater, it was decided that the next general meeting will be a “Tricentennial Pre-event”. The plans for the event, to be held in either Markey Park or Clouet Gardens will be shared. Mark will facilitate the meeting while Brian will keep us on track using a flip chart and markers. Nancy will reach out to Tyler regarding maps and two microphones. Michael volunteered to bring food, with Mark on plates, water, napkins. All on wine.

For the celebration proper tentative dates are October 6th (Arts for Art Sake) or the following weekend of October 13th Columbus Day Weekend). Tyler had previously volunteered for multi media duty. Rhonda and Nancy are on Banana Duty for the event, with Rhonda providing a talking stick banana for tonight’s meeting. Nancy is looking into a banana ‘crown.’ Mark will check in with Clouet and Tigermen’s Den. John  is reaching out to a neighbor to be interviewed (Joanne Liviccari), while Mark and Rhonda have already spoken with Mr. Frady and Roy Markey.

It was noted that Julie is following up on Mike Sherman’s plans for the Factory next to Clouet Gardens. Plans are currently to keep the green space for an apartment development (not condo).

Navy base – Total agreement on doing what we can to keep the current developer on board. There was a letter sent to Councilperson Palmer, that she referenced in meeting with members of the Board and Community. Concern with blight, safety, lighting, maintenance both at St. Margarets and NSA, were discussed. The federal money for NSA shifted to drainage when the military turned it over. At that time there were security guards and AC. The developer is trying for a HUD grant, as current developer wants work force housing. There was discussion on pushing back on the center building not being for a cruise ship terminal, as language was vague on this in the paper work. The report recently on WWL was referenced.

We discussed how to go about getting ideas on a redevelopment plan that is inclusive of residential as well as commercial, which would keep the architectural feel that is unique to Bywater. Parking, always an issue, was also discussed with a couple of highly workable options explored, including median parking….

To be continued.

Meeting adjourned 8:12

Respectfully submitted: Nancy Thacker co-secretary.

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