NFB Board Meeting – October 17, 2018

10/17/18 NFB Board Meeting

Present: Julie Jones, Mark Gonzalez, Steve Jacobs, Stephen Haedicke, Michale Owings, Anthony Eschmann, Nancy Thacker, Rhonda Findley.

visiting: Megan Cooper, Danielle Magieo(sp?)

Called to order 7:09

Began with a discussion on what was happening with the blocks and cobblestones being torn up for the Iris project. Motion to ask that they be reserved and not lost. Will follow up with Tyler, as he is the nearest neighbor and has been communicating with them already.

A motion to have a speaker form the HDLC at the next general meeting was approved.

The report on the HANO meeting last evening was that it was much the same as the Sun Yard per: issues. How should we handle this uphill battle? While there is a need for low cost housing and work force housing, this project could be over 500 people. They used comment cards for discussion, although there were comments from the floor.

Motion to support affordable housing and no zoning changes posed and passed.

We welcome affordable housing. We do not support zoning changes.

Rhonda is following up with Bridgette Kelly on storm water management, and the study of 1, 5, and 10 year rain events. There is a recommendation not to build on that land ever. Landscape architect Dana Brown & Associates to update the report.

The possibility of holding a forum/in depth discussion on this for a general meeting was explored.  Julie is talking to Councilmember Palmer about it, and will reach out to the BNA as well. Growing the neighborhood in a responsible and welcoming manner is the goal. Green space being supportive of affordable housing was also unanimously agreed upon.


Megan Cooper, Danielle Magieo(sp?)

City Council voted down the Sun Yard, and the owners/developers filed some law suits. They approached Ms. Megan to settle the law suits. She explained that with the NPP process & the split zone parcel, the owners could fight this battle every two years. The developers are in a pinch, as all they can do is wait two years and try again.  Chris Cane, Esq., is hammering out a deal (Adams and Resse firm was handling?). They met with city attorney and Kristen Palmers’ staff. If the neighborhood gets behind whatever agreement is brokered, she will support it. Legally speaking it is complicated, and there was a re-introduction of the zoning issues (back parcels HMCU). The deal included the next ten years having a servitude over the land – after ten years that would go away. Restriction being dedicated buffer zone of residential properties. Every thing for only ten years. Second agreement would be around the height restriction – 43 feet maximum, and there would also be an agreement to never have short term rentals in the back property.

HMC2 – on St Claude, commercial not a part –

HMC2 – as delineated in the CZO: They did object to a number of them – such as a brewery, live entertainment- banned for 10 years. These stay in effect even if the property is sold.

What happens if they violate the agreements? Who has the right to sue around enforcement? A time line was discussed.

Following the discussion, it was noted that we are here to support near neighbors and the call of the consensus of the near neighbors.

Motion to support with focus on enforcement – one nay, all others yea.

This all needs to be formalized with Palmer, and could/should be a road map for what works in the future. Thanks to Megan for all of the amazing work here.

Rhonda will bring food for the next meeting. Steve J water. Julie and Mark plates napkins – wine – whomever. Nov 7th!

Tricentennial –

Rhonda had a rough mock up for media. There was a discussion on the spelling of the word go/geaux. A vote supported the American spelling 5 to 3.

Rhonda distributed form letters to some neighborhood restaurants. There will be a reservation fee to be returned at the time of the festival.

Whether or not we try to have the street closed on Dec 16th may depend on how many restaurants show interest in selling food.

Board members will deliver invitations to Elizabeths (Nancy)/ Satsuma (Brian) The Country Club (Stephen) (MISSED THE OTHER ASSIGNMENTS)

Junction may be serving beer & expressed interest in banana daiquiri’s- 100% of proceeds to NFB – Lloyd at Junction.

Case of bananas – from Co-Op? Carved bananas are a quick turn around for a craft activity. This can be the kids table activity perhaps? Rhonda and Nancy are organizing the banana bake off.

Adjourned at 8:31

Respectfully submitted,

N. Thacker, co-secretary.

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