NFB General Meeting – October 3, 2018



PRESENT: Julie Jones, Joe Brown, Mark Malhouse, Cherry May, Tyler Harwood ,Bettina Reutter, Susan Korec, Nancy Thacker, Mark Gonzalez, Anthony Eschmann, Lisa Swarez, Michael Owings, E. Livaccari, Allison Cormier, Leesaw Anne, Folwell Dunbar, Brian Luckett, Steven Jacob.

Folwell Dunbar, a member of  NFB, has a collection of short stories coming out this month called “He Falls Well: A Memoir of Survival”. He is going to have a reading and signing at Alvar library on November 15th.

Joe Brown addressed the group and wanted to be sure everyone was aware of the meeting regarding the development plans of HANO, especially the Mazant/Royal plot. Mr. Brown went to a stakeholders meeting on Sept 18th and ask how things had changed. The project has now grown to 150 apartments, with 156 parking spaces. There are entrances on France Street, right in front of his house. The explanation for these changes were that in order to get more funding from HUD, they had to increase the density. Another NPP meeting will be held next Tuesday, November 9th, at 6pm. One concern identified was that this structure is within 700 feet of the levy wall, and that the coast guard may need to be involved. They will need a zoning change. A push to get a water study was also discussed.

Mark Gonzales then spoke to the group about the upcoming Tricentennial event NFB is hosting. The following are loose minutes based on notes and ideas from NFB members that were written on a large easel pad during the meeting by Rhonda Findley. In large part they are to memorialize several agreements we reached on event specifics and to give members a reminder of help they agreed to undertake.

Event date: December 16th Time: From noon to 5 p.m. with set up 10a.m. (note: later changed to 11-4)

Main Funding by 2018 NOLA Foundation

Location: Clouet Gardens and Tigermens Den (700 block of Clouet)

Event Theme: Bywater goes Bananas! Banana theme with 3 related events (prizes for each):

1 . A banana cook-off

2. A banana dressing/costume contest

3. Kids Art contest – draw on and/or do banana theme drawing , etc.

Dollar prizes for the above will be at least $ 100.00 each – with the proceeds of our Raffle funding these prizes. (If raffle doesn’t bring $300 – we will figure it out.)

Raffle: (Nancy Thacker heading up) we will be selling raffle tickets for at least 4 prizes -historical photos , etc., which have been donated to NFB.)

Tigermen Den will be offering a covered inside space if needed (cooking contest?) and some restroom facilities – but we will have to rent a least two additional portolets. The Den is charging an at-cost fee of $150.00.

The main event will be a story-telling / conversation among Bywater residents with years of history: Mr. Joe Frady, Mr. Roy Markey , Jo Ann Livaccari , and others to be contacted: Dr. Bob, Joe Vache(?) , Ron Sevin , Skip Henderson (Mark to contact Skip). (Others????) The MC / Moderator will be Brian Luckett.

We will probably need a large tent – in the event of weather. Susan Korec to provide two 10×10 tents. (Tent Cost $?)

We will first offer locations on site to Bywater food vendors – paying a $150 reservation for location on site, refundable – vendors to keep all proceeds. If not enough vendors – we will notify and invite food trucks. (Mark to look into street closure: 700 block of Clouet) Banana daiquiris to be sold (By us – we will need to get permit in our name – proceeds to contests???) (Leesaw Anne to help with this .)

Music : Tyler Harwood to head this up. Musicians will be paid – but this is not a music event. Tyler is donating the use of his sound system.

We will be recording the Interviews/ stories – hiring someone Cherry May is familiar with and they will need to be paid a stipend.

Along with the above main event stories – we will be asking Story Corps to offer interviews / recordings – which will be their responsibility and property.

We will have a large/enlarged plat map of Bywater for people to recall places, landmarks , architectural sites – on cards which people can fill out with details about the site and pin up. (Susan Korec with John Andrews and PRC … ) 

We will need to get insurance for the day’s event. (Mark???)

Submitted by Mark Gonzales, Nancy Thacker, and Tyler Harwood

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