City Council meeting tomorrow, Thursday January 10, re Short-Term Rentals

THE MEETING TOMORROW WILL DEAL WITH THE MOTION THAT SHORT-TERM RENTALS IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS SHOULD BE RESTRICTED TO PEOPLE WITH A HOMESTEAD EXCEPTION (i.e. people who own and live on the premises). THIS IS A MOTION THAT THE NEIGHBORS FIRST BOARD BACKS WHOLEHEARTEDLY. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND THE MEETING. It’s in the City Council Chambers at City Hall and will be the first item on the agenda, so it will come up at 11:00. We strongly suggest that you come a little early, because the chambers will probably be packed. You should sign and turn in a card immediately stating your name, address and position. Even if you do not wish to speak, your comment will go into the record and you can also cede your time to another speaker.

If you cannot come to the meeting, send an email to the Councilmembers letting them know you support this motion. Here are their emails. Be careful. Some of them have a period between first and last name; some don’t, and some don’t use names for email address.

Councilmember at Large, Helena Moreno:

Councilmember at Large Jason Williams:

Councilmember Jay Banks:

Councilmember Kristin Palmer:

Councilmember Jared Brossett:

Councilmember Cyndi Nguyen:

If you want to send to all in one fell swoop:

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