NFB Board Meeting – 1/16/19

Attending: Mark Gonzalez, Tyler Harwood, Anthony Eschmann, John Andrews, Julie Jones, Susan Korec, Nancy Thacker, Brian Luckett, Stephen Haedicke., Michael Owings.

Meeting called to order at 7:09 PM

The meeting began with a brief discussion around compensations from visiting film and television crews. “NCIS: New Orleans”, which frequently films in the neighborhood, has offered to make a donation to NFB.

Ideas for our general meeting on February 6th were then discussed. A “year in review” and “looking ahead” agenda was decided on, and the following people were nominated to discuss the subjects listed:

  • Cruise Ships / NSA – Brian.
  • Rusty Pelican / Stateside hostel (now ARRIVE hotel) – ask Carolyn L.  
  • Red House / Sun Yard: Brian and Julie
  • Banana Festival: Rhonda
  • Banana Festival forum: Mark
  • Police- Crime / Perception: Susan

Some of the priorities for the future we discussed were:

  • Continued push for STR reform.
  • Continued monitoring of developments regarding  the cruise ship terminal / NSA.
  • Informing the community how to report fraudulent homestead exemptions and illegal STRs.
  • Noise & light being included in HDLC regulations for developments.

We would like to invite someone from the city council office to be there. Julie volunteered to contact them.

Food: Michael volunteered to bring food and Tyler will bring water.

The March 6th meeting falls on Ash Wednesday. NFB board nominations happen at this meeting. 12 is our top limit. Discussion on this meeting focused on the uptick of crime in the neighborhood. Mark shared an idea regarding coordinating security cameras for Bywater. Could Cox help or contribute?

We then got a briefing on the ARRIVE hotel (a.k.a Rusty Pelican hostel / Stateside hostel / “Poshtel”) HDLC meeting. Noise was considered in the design, a victory of sorts. Now there is a delay of 30 days to talk more about the noise. Noise and light should be considered part of the design.

The original conditional use – broadly worded – has to be approved. So far HDLC says their responsibility is what you can see from the street. ARC reports need to be reviewed. Hiring another lawyer was discussed.

There is a meeting tomorrow (Jan 17) to view and discuss revised plans for the HANO development at 4100 Royal St. Members attending will meet 20 minutes early.

Brian proposed NFB make a $500 donation to Societé de Sainte Anne for their 50th anniversary parade to help cover expenses for the band.

John seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Thacker and Tyler Harwood, co-secretaries

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