NFB Board Meeting 6/19/19

Attending: Julie Jones,  Anthony Eschmann, Susan Korec, Stephen Haedicke, Steve Jacobs, John Andrews, Mark Gonzalez, Nancy Thacker, Brian Luckett, Rhonda Findley

Meeting called to order 7:10

First we discussed the next General Meeting. As it falls just before the holiday, the question was asked: should we meet on the 3rd of July? A vote supported the idea to stay steady and consistent.

Items to discuss at this meeting include:

The possibility of a coordinated effort for cameras in the neighborhood, with ways of sharing the information that are not as inefficient as any current communication between neighbors – or with neighbors and law enforcement. Mark will lead this discussion.

A  presentation on an expanded network of protected bike routes from Bike easy NOLA is possible.

HANO/ITEX and the “Planned Development”. Brian will update on that – as he and Joe Brown, a near neighbor, are both on the committee. Things are moving at breakneck speed on this it seems – so a need to be clear and communicative was stressed. Rhonda volunteered to host an ongoing meeting site for said meetings between NFB, near neighbors etc for updates if need be. 

General Business:

Follow-up on the powers or lack of powers at the HDLC then ensued. The introduction of an ordinance seemed to be the best approach, and if some one or organization were to take that on, then it was motioned and unanimously passed that NFB would “Release the petition for an injunction against the  HDLC and/or City of New Orleans on a case by case basis with proper supporting evidence.”

Mark and John will pen and send a letter to Councilperson Palmer re: change of ordinance for the HDLC. I think this is to involve a meeting rather than a letter. 

Possible bans on outdoor seating: What’s inappropriate and what’s unfair. Is this a residential neighborhood with commercial corridors on all four sides? How to support the development of St. Claude without it impinging on residents of Bywater. Some confusion as to if this includes outdoor food with music or without? Is there a 10PM limit? What is buffer for Uptown and Mid City? Is there any protection in the form of sound and light abatement for either seating and/or music? The CZO requires sound abatement, but is not very clear on what effective abatement involves.Would like to see residents protected with Space/Time Buffers as well as Sound and Light abatement. Information that there are some good remedies–for example, memory foam sold by a company in Tampa is apparently effective in questions of sound–was referenced. 

Again, how to provide core protection, as conditional uses seem to be granted no matter what. Discussion ongoing.

Before a motion can be made to support any ban it was noted that more information was needed on how other neighborhoods have approached this and what degree of success they have with enforcement. Allen Johnson, president of the FMIA, is trying to get an ordinance introduced that would provide the same kind of protection we see in some Uptown neighborhoods; the board decided to wait and see how Allen’s proposal fares. 

Food, Drink and General advertisement for the JULY 3rd General Meeting is at this point unclaimed.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Thacker, stunt secretary

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