NFB supports the “Backyard Ordinance”

With the agreement of the City Council, and at the request of the Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association, Councilmember Palmer has proposed an ordinance to address Commercial properties with front, back or side yards that abut Residential properties in District C (except for the French Quarter). This will curtail outdoor dining and outdoor entertainment  in new businesses. It will NOT affect existing businesses and will NOT affect residential yards (you can still have your crawfish boil, pool party or barbecue). It is intended to allow new businesses to open while protecting the quality of life of residents whose yards abut those businesses. Other neighborhoods throughout the city have a similar policy, but we don’t in the Historic Marigny/Treme/Bywater zoning district. It’s a glitch in the system, which the proposed ordinance would address. The Board of Neighbors First for Bywater has voted unanimously to support this proposed ordinance.

If you wish to contact the City Planning Commission to support this proposal, you must do so by this Monday, August 5, by 5pm. Address the email to CPCINFO@NOLA.GOV.  Remember to include your address in this email. You should refer to Zoning Docket 080/19. You can also attend the CPC meeting, on Thursday, August 13, at 1:30pm in the City Council Chambers. ZD 080/19 is the 5th item on the agenda. 

Remember that we have a General Meeting this Wednesday, 7pm, at the Stallings Center. In addition to the items on the agenda already sent to you, Captain Young will attend to bring us up to date on crime in Bywater.

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