NFB Board Meeting Sept 18, 2019

Present: Brian Luckett, John Andrews, Stephen Hadecke, Steve Jacobs, Julie Jones, Nancy Thacker, Susan Korec, Rhonda Findley, Anthony Eschmann, Mark Gonzalez

Mark Gonzalez tendered his resignation from the board. He said that he will  continue to support NFB and help in any way he can.

The topic of an attack ad against Councilperson Palmer sponsored by a French Quarter organization.  After much discussion it was decided that a united response was required and that we would contact FMIA and the Riverfront Alliance to send a joint response.

Next meeting, Stephen H will bring food and water. Julie will be out of town, as will VP John Andrews, so Anthony will conduct the meeting. Steve J will contact Kathleen Turner of the French Market Corporation to discuss the progress of things in the Crescent City Park. What plans do they have, etc.

Brian L moved that we oppose the hotel next to the Rusty Bridge on the conditional use and the lack of parking.  Steve J seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

HANO/ITEX goes to the City Council after Oct. 17 Brian reported.

The former Bywater Hospital building is an eyesore.  Rhonda said that she had previously contacted Councilmember Palmer about fines for the  deplorable state of the building. Cm Palmer said that she would contact the owners. Months have passed and there has been no visible effort to address the issue by the owners. It was suggested that we file a complaint with code enforcement. Rhonda announced that she was meeting with the owner on a certain date and invited anyone to come who was interested.

Susan announced that Commander Young plans to attend the next board meeting and to introduce his new second-in-command.

Submitted by Anthony Eschmann

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