NFB Board Meeting – January 12, 2020

Present: Julie Jones, John Andrews, Anthony Eschmann, Steve Jacobs, Rhonda Findley. Meeting held at Julie’s house.

We did not have a quorum, so simply had a discussion of the following topics:

Food for next general meeting: Steve Jacobs will provide pizza. Utensils and glasses: not clear. Somebody needs to step up.

Topics already decided for next general meeting: Donna Wakeman (Marigny) will discuss how to get the history of your house; a representative from the market at the foot of the Rusty Rainbow will attend; we hope that Captain Young can be there.

We discussed how to get a better turn-out for meetings and talked about flyering areas—especially areas where there is a development proposal that may be contentious.

Rhonda brought up the possibility (considered previously) about finding an intern to help with management and writing a grant to get funding. Steve reminded us that he and Nancy had checked on Tulane some time ago and found that their interns get booked very quickly. We really did not pursue this topic any more.

We spoke briefly about problems related to Studio Be noise complaints. 

We decided to hold the next board meeting on Wed, February 12, same time, since the next normal meeting date would coincide with the Krewe of Nix parade, which is popular. At the next meeting, we particularly want to consider new board members—what kind of person we want, who might be interested—so it will be an important meeting, and, especially with this change of date, we hope that all board members will attend.

The meeting ended at about 8:20. 

Julie Jones, with the help of Steve Jacobs, writing in the absence of our secretary Tyler Harwood.

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