Neighbors First For Bywater – Board Meeting – October 20, 2021

Present: Julie Jones, John Andrews, Joe Brown, Anthony Eschmann, Rhonda Findley, Brian Luckett, Tyler Harwood. The board was joined by guests Mark Gonzalez and Brian Smith.

Held on John Andrews’ back porch. Meeting started at 7:08 p.m.

The meeting was almost entirely a discussion on the “good neighbor agreement” being proposed for 805/807 Louisa St, where potential new owners would like a zoning change to open a snowball stand/restaurant. Kristin Palmer previously asked NFB to work with her mediator to come up with the good neighbor agreement. At the last board meeting we voted to require a covenant simply requiring that the new owners not be allowed to apply for any further zoning changes or conditional use. Any other requirements and their subsequent enforcement would be up to near neighbors. 

Mark believes the neighbors will not be able to get important issues included, such as operating hours, trash can placement, lighting, locations of exhaust vents, ect… without more help from NFB. There is also a great deal of concern with what should happen in the event the proposed business model not succeed for some reason. The neighbors requested 26 additional requirements in addition to what the NFB board suggested, and it sounds like the business owners are not agreeing to them. Mark suggests NFB form a “standing committee” made up of near neighbors so that more terms can be included in the agreement, and this committee would be responsible for reporting any issues to the NFB board to then discuss. These neighbors would also agree to be financially responsible for any costs incurred in association with enforcement.

John motioned that we form the standing committee, which would consist of neighbors within one block of the property. This committee will work with the board to come up with a final list of covenants to propose. Joe seconded. Six voted yes, one abstained, and the motion passed.

There was then a rushed discussion of potential for the next general meeting, which would be November 3rd. It was generally agreed that there wasn’t sufficient time to plan a worthwhile meeting and that we should postpone until December, perhaps to have an informal holiday gathering.

Meeting ended at 8:14 p.m.

Submitted by Tyler Harwood, secretary

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