NFB Board Meeting – June 15, 2022

Held on John Andrews’ back porch. Present: Julie Jones, John Andrews, Joe Brown, Brian Luckett. Tyler Harwood attended via speaker phone.

The meeting started just after 7:30 pm with a discussion of the NSA. After a shooting and subsequent lockdown last night neighbors are on edge. Brian said he had spoken with Peter Aamodt, a representative of the developers, and he said a “sweep” of the property is planned. “No Trespassing” signs will be posted as well as a notice for occupants to vacate. The goal is for the property to be cleared by July 12th. Brian asked Mr. Aamodt to email him the schedule. We wondered where the occupants will go if they are simply ejected from the NSA. 

We have heard these sorts of promises before. Joe suggests NFB makes a statement as soon as possible. Writing the developer, city council, the mayor, and the NOPD was discussed and all present agreed it should be done. Joe and Brian will write it. 

We then discussed the proposed Outdoor Live Entertainment (OLE) laws that will soon be brought before City Council. Brian proposed we push for some sort of remote sound monitoring to be part of the new laws as suggested by staffer Winston Fiore. Without a sound ordinance there are simply too many variables and unknown factors that make the new rules problematic. Brian will write the letter to Councilmember Freddie King. 

The next General Meeting was then brought up. Rhonda had a suggestion for an animal rehab expert, but thought it would be better sometime in the fall. Since the next meeting would fall very near the 4th of July and many members will likely be out of town it was agreed it would be OK to skip this one. Tyler suggested we send an email to the membership telling them what the board is working on in the mean time.

We still need to fill a vacancy in the board. Miles Swanson, one-time president of the FMIA (Marigny), who has recently moved to Bywater, had been previously suggested and the board approved. Since it is now 3 months (as per our bylaws) since he joined NFB, we proposed to get in touch to see if he is still interested (Julie will do). We also discussed a potential venue change for future meeting as the Stallings Community Center will no longer allow us to serve alcohol. We like that Stallings is a public space and not a private business. It was agreed to stick with Stallings until a better option is proposed.

The proposed conditional uses being applied for by Beanlandia were then briefly discussed. Julie was told not enough neighbors signed their support for the alcohol permit. Brian proposed suggesting a proviso be attached to the parking waiver that would limit capacity for larger events. Devin (Beanlandia) was said to be seeking the use of a parking lot at a nearby church.

The meeting ended at 8:18 pm

Submitted by Tyler Harwood, NFB secretary

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