NFB Board Meeting October 20, 2022

Held on Molly Henderson’s patio, started at 7:05 p.m.

Present: Julie Jones, Brian Luckett, Anthony Eschmann, Joe Brown, Susan Korec, Molly Henderson, Tyler Harwood, Michael Owings

We started out discussing the need to fill empty slots on the board. Joe has a neighbor that is interested and has been a member for long enough. A few other possibilities were talked over. Molly said Rhonda Findley may be interested in returning, and has lots of fun meeting ideas. More family friendly activities and social events would be a good way to boost attendance and bring in some diversity. Having some meetings on weekends was considered. Julie motioned that we write to ask if Rhonda would like to rejoin, Michael seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously.

We then talked about the possibility of having the animal control specialist for our next meeting and decided it would need to wait until November or December, and possibly be held outdoors (Clouet Gardens) if there would be live animals. The back patio of Luna Libre would be a good option as well. Other possibilities for the November general meeting were discussed. Our usual topics (NSA, HANO, NOPD, streets) would probably not inspire a huge turnout. Tyler suggested Freddie King or someone from his staff could come talk about what they have been working on and how Mr. King’s term is going thus far. We also talked about having someone from the movie industry talk about general goings-on and the current status of the tax credit. 

Near neighbors of Beanlandia have expressed interest in establishing a residential permitted parking zone. A certain percentage of neighbors would need to sign in support, and there would likely be a yearly fee for permits. They would need support of a neighborhood organization to proceed and we all agreed we should do so. 

Brian proposed NFB make a donation to Clouet Gardens. Julie motioned, Joe seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously. 

The meeting ended at 8:07 p.m.

Submitted by Tyler Harwood, NFB secretary

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