Neighbors First for Bywater – Board Meeting April 19, 2023

Held on John Andrews’ back porch.

Present: Julie Jones, John Andrews, Anthony Eschmann, Brian Luckett, Joe Brown, Tyler Harwood, Brian Lutz, Brian Smith, and Rhonda Findley.

The meeting started at 7:13 p.m. with a discussion of topics for the next general meeting. Holding the meeting at Clouet Gardens and presenting the park caretakers with a check for the proceeds from our “Huck-A-Cluck” event was suggested. Inviting a representative from NOPD was also discussed, as there have been a number of alarming armed robberies in the neighborhood recently. Rhonda proposed having a bicycle mechanic teach members about bicycle repair. Molly had emailed the idea of having someone from FedEx/UPS/Amazon come talk about package thefts, but it was generally agreed that if we got anyone we would probably wind up with corporate PR people that would waste our time.

The board was then joined by Leon Roché, a candidate running for Criminal District Court, along with some colleagues. He told the group about his qualifications and what he hopes to achieve if elected. He was passionate about bettering the system for nonviolent offenders and being strict with violent criminals. He discussed the concept of conditional bonds for nonviolent offenders, such as requiring steady employment, education, or other forms of betterment to stay out of jail. John asked about juveniles being tried as adults and Mr. Roché said he would use such rules very sparingly, and that he believes the majority of juveniles should be tried as such since they are not fully developed, and many come from dire circumstances. We thanked him for joining us even though NFB does not endorse political candidates, and wished him luck. 

After Mr. Roché departed the discussion then returned to the next meeting and we agreed on Clouet Gardens and an NOPD representative. There has been a lot of turnover in the 5th district recently. Julie will contact Lt Palumbo. Rhonda will bring a table and cooler with ice. We will advise members to bring chairs. In the event of rain we will simply hold the meeting the following Wednesday.

Julie told us the CPC will be holding its first meeting regarding new commercial STR rules May 9th, and suggested we submit a letter. Brian Luckett motioned we simply request that commercial STRs be limited to commercial zonings that already allow for hotels. Anthony seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously. 

Rhonda told us about loud trash pickup in the middle of the night at the “Holy Angels Bywater Hotel and Residences”. It seems the building is now in use but it’s unclear how. 

Brian told the group about an Earth Day event that NFB is the fiduciary agent for. It will be held from 9AM to 1PM at the TEP Center 5909 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117. The rest of the board was encouraged to attend and spread the word.

Anthony then reminded us that it was time for the annual board election. It will be announced at the next meeting and by email to membership.

The meeting ended at 8:02 p.m.

Submitted by Tyler Harwood, NFB secretary

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